Jollof Rice, a dish fit for Kings and Queens (in essence, a dish fit for all :). This dish, just like eggs, is cooked in so many ways from poached, fried, boiled, etc. This brings me to the many types of Jollof rice the Nigerian , the Sene-Gambian, the Ghanian versions. To write or talk about jollof rice and not mention the Senegalese-Gambians, equates to fueling the Nigerian-Ghanain Jollof war. Whilst it has been really interesting reading the many opinions about this tasty dish, I have also broadened my knowledge about Jollof, the Sene-Gambian Jollof Rice and the amazing story behind the birth of this dish. Whatever the story, the misconception, the Jollof wars surrounding the dish, this dish remains a west African staple dish. What seems constant across all countries where this dish is staple is that Tomatoes ( Fresh or Paste) is a used to make a base for the rice to stew in. click here to see how I cook mine