How would you like your eggs, Miss, scrambled, sunny side up, omelette, boiled or poached? These are the stereotypical questions I’m asked every time I go out for breakfast or brunch. Eggs are produced by the female species of various animals, the fish, reptiles, mammals, and so on. For the sake of this article, I will be referring to poultry eggs, from chickens to be precise. Eggs are considered a worldwide culinary necessity, as they are used in the preparation of various dishes in the starters, main course, and the desserts category. They are a major source of protein, which are classed as one of the three macronutrients along with carbohydrates and fats. An egg consists of the yolk and the egg white. As tasty and high in protein as eggs may be, for some, the yolk which has got high cholesterol content poses a huge health concern. The rising need to watch one’s cholesterol levels, starts with limiting the consumptions of foods containing egg yolk. The egg white is said to contain less fats and carbohydrates than the yolk, therefore is a better option for people who are health conscious. There are many recipes that call for either the yolk or the egg white, separately. The question arises, “How can we enjoy meals containing eggs after separating the white from the yolk?” Well, I have experimented with some ideas, and discovered a new and versatile way to enjoy the egg whites, removing any bother about the fat or carbohydrate content. The egg white cubes contains 100% egg white, of which is said to contain about 90% water and just over 50% of protein, and no cholestorol. The texture of the egg cubes allows it to work perfectly with liquid and solid textured dishes as well as garnishes for foods. Egg white cubes and moi-moi Egg white cubes with moi-moi (steamed black eyed beans) & pan seared salmon. pol6 Egg white cubes in some lentil soup This new way of enjoying eggs, works well for people on a low cholesterol diet, or people just looking to enjoy eggs in a different way. Egg white is tasteless, so this allows the addition of herbs and spices to enhance the taste prior to steaming