How is it that you cook a lot, and yet still stay fit? Do you really eat the food you cook? “Didi, I hope you haven’t put on weight from all this cooking?” (thats my Dad by the way….lol). So many questions. Once you are in the food business, you are expected to look and even be a certain type of size. Do I like ice cream? Yes! Do I eat Cakes? Yes! Do I like to indulge? Ermmm……sometimes. Creating a balance is the key to enjoying a lot of things in life, committing to doing the right things in life, also counts. My early morning jogs, the constant encouragement from my running partner, Dad and Mom’s constant calls to make sure I’m not eating all the food, including the pot (lol), helps to fine tune my body, as well as my mind. When I know I have over indulged (binging on unhealthy food), I put in the work, prioritising eating right. I’m not a no-carbs, no-protein, no-ice cream, no-water or air type of diet girl( not against it either, definitely not the air or water part). Portion control and moderation, having everything within reason works for me. I have learnt to love healthy food more than the very appealing not-so-healthy stuff. What you see here is my Bulgur Wheat ( Cracked Wheat dish), which is high up on my healthy cuisine list . I have literally cooked some chicken breast, prawns and mixed veg in coconut oil, and stir fried the bulgur wheat into the mix. Bulgur wheat is great, trust me , you won’t miss rice if this is properly cooked. You can “Jollof” it, “fried rice” it (lol),or simply mix it with your salad. It is high in fiber, iron, magnesium, plant based protein, and low in fat. A glass of “adult juice” (wine, wink wink) will go perfectly with this dish, but then again, the weekend’s almost here, and it’s all about creating a balance, right? So this is me raising my glass of water to you. Cheers!!