Ludovico Einaudi’s – Una Mattina playing in background, amongst other deep thoughts, invention mode switched on. Thinking, black-eyed beans, chickpeas, legume plants, fabaceae family…hmm!!. Steamed chickpeas, healthy right? Moi Moi is a very popular beans dish in Nigeria, eaten as a side or main dish. This dish comprises of washed,de-shelled and pureed black eyed beens blended together with red bell peppers, or cayenne pepper, crayfish or prawn powder (optional), onions, scotch bonnet, and stock cubes, and steamed for 30mins – 45mins, or till cooked. Moi Moi is also known to come with little surprises like sliced boiled eggs, corned beef, or fish, all optional. From my research, chickpeas and black-eyed beans (goat pea) both belong to the legume family, little wonder they smell, feel and almost taste alike. I’ve never really worked with chickpeas, I am really amazed at how this dish tastes in this form. My steamed chickpeas has been inspired by the very popular Nigerian moi moi dish. I wondered if it would hold its shape when steamed in a mould, and it did. I am pleasantly surprised, and happy with the outcome. I raise my glass to …….( I want to say Moi moi redefined), but, I think I’ll stick to steamed chickpeas I suppose.