Change is constant. Creativity, innovation aligned with applied knowledge bring about change. What you now call your “favourite meal” had it’s genesis in the mind of the recipe creator, first as an idea, then it was brought to life, put on a plate, and named. Scent leaves are herbs, popularly known in Nigeria as “Nchawu”, by the Igbo tribe, and “Efirin”, by the Yoruba tribe. It is generally used to prepare pepper soup dishes of varying kinds, and a host of other dishes which require herbs and spices in their preparation. They have a distinctive smell and taste that’s evocative to Basil leaf. On a medicinal front, it has gained popularity for its healing and antibacterial attributes. It is used traditionally to help cure illnesses like malaria, bronchial ailments, diabetes and so on. My grandma made it a point to add this herb in her native dishes served with rice, beans and yams. She loved how multifunctional this herb was, and it was her number one go-to detox formula for any medical complaints my siblings and I had (hilarious tales for another day). In creating this dish, I have infused some scent leaves, together with some secret spices (you ask, and I’ll tell), marinating the chicken wings, putting them in the oven grill, and finally lacing with some bell pepper sauce. If you have a dual love for Nigerian pepper soup and chicken wings, then this dish is the one. It fuses them together in the most amazing way. I have tried this with chicken, beef and fish, it always comes out beautiful. The red onions, garlic, ginger, curry, stock cubes together with “my secret ingredients” and the added scent leaves, intertwine majestically, like a well choreographed dance move, executed to perfection. Words fall short in describing this unique blend and how it tastes, nor can they truly express the sheer ecstasy felt in its invention as a dish. Let’s all welcome the newest addition to my Nigerian Starter list – Spicy Scent Leaf Chicken Wings