Ever been in a situation where you headed off to the grocery store, to buy Spinach / Ugwu (Greens )- generally healthy-type food, and something else screams your name ever so loudly. You’re inside the store, and all you seem to hear are all these nice looking desserts calling out to you, literally trying to have a conversation with you. Forget about using your “willpower” here, this is all about a one-on-one conversation between you and the cakes, the creamy desserts, the chocolates….(um yum yum). If the cheesecakes aren’t saying “Hi!”, then it’s the Eaton’s mess looking you straight in the eye asking you “Whats up?” , or the lemon tart enquiring “Where have you been?”. This always tries to happen whenever you’re just trying to mind your own healthy eating business. Life, huh! But guess what? If and when you you do give in, never mind, and don’t beat yourself up too much for being unable to resist, especially during the festive period. Without making excuses for you, you are quite simply human, and there are days when you crave something really sweet, and you naturally give in. I personally, chalk it up as a cheat day – a day to be food naughty and have what I normally wouldn’t eat on a daily. Don’t make this cravings a habit though, rather select a certain day of the week, when it’ll be fine to ‘cheat’ (erm……with food, I mean). I suppose it’s similar to falling and getting back on your feet, it only becomes an issue when you fall and choose to comfortably lay on the same spot. I often sit and wonder what things would have been like in reverse. If vegetables were very fattening and unhealthy , and desserts (cakes, ice cream, sweets etc) were the healthy food options. Hmmm! wishful thinking, eh? I know exactly what I would be eating this minute( Hummingbird – Red Velvet Cake….Lawd!!) Right, I’m off to burn these desserts off.