There are many ways to paradise. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring or feel like eating cardboard paper. Eating healthy, and enjoying it, should be symbiotic. In Nigeria, we have many food options, a lot of creative variations, which I am trying to recreate, to turn healthy eating into an awesome experience Growing up, eating dishes made from unripe/green plantains, would not have been an enjoyable meal choice for me, as I thought it was boring and traditional, like I thought elderly people were…..wrong thinking I have recreated the Nigerian Bole and Fish recipe, retaining all its original goodness, but heightening its flavours and nutritional health benefits. This dish can be served as a healthy starter or main course, because it contains : Unripe plantains , Fish ( Mackerel and Tuna) , Kale ( or Spinach or Ugwu), Bell pepper sauce, Semolina, Coconut oil. The fusion of all of these ingredients, together with additional spices, will arouse your taste senses, leaving a lasting unforgettable taste in your mouth. Bon Appetit!